Support, management

IT is an industry that is always evolving. In it's progress and innovations we provide support to customers by conducting researches and consulting about the technological solutions, software or IT solutions in order to achieve desired results.

IT security, solutions

IT systems do have their weak spots and there are usually someone who wants to take advantage of this. Struggle for data security is our daily life, that is why we follow the news in IT security and IT community to be able to manage necessary patches, so that your data remains only your privilege.

Trade, service

The list of available IT equipment is changing every day. Our experts will advise on technical specifications, software versions necessary for your work, as well as, will deliver and install it at the required location. We will also provide warranty and post warranty support, equipment error diagnosis, repair and transportation to and from authorized service centers.

Data center services

Cloud computing is more and more becoming a part of daily life, and it is good, because there is no need for customer to think about machine resources and many other technical links in the chain of business process. We will install the necessary services on our servers deployed in data centers providing cloud inherent stability.

Video surveillance

Visual monitoring and control of the property today has become an essential part of security. Our specialists will advise on the selection of the most effective and optimal video surveillance solutions, as well as deliver and install those solutions in accordance with Your requirements in order to ensure that your property is safe against various types of threats.

IP Telephony

Modern communication is an essential part of everyday business, which allows our customers effectively manage their resources for the maintenance and purchases of the equipment, record calls, as well as reduce service costs. As far as the IP telephony solution is available in the "clouds", we also provide the service to those companies which use only mobile phones on a daily basis, ensuring the mobility of office workers.


If IT system is properly designed and it's resources are treated with wisdom, it ensures the security, stability and economy, allowing you'r business to thrive

About us

SIA ITVISS is a company created by the age of information technology
with the aim of being a reliable and long-term partner in business development.


ITVISS is founded in 2006 and since then it has been a trustworthy IT service provider for companies,
advising them on the most suitable and cost effective IT solutions, providing full service, managing implementation and maintenance of the customer's IT systems.


Over the years ITVISS has evolved a successful cooperation not only with our long-standing customers but also other Latvian and international information technology companies. Such cooperation have made it possible to expand our list of provided services and also to gain experienced friends with different views on best practice solutions.

IT era

This is the IT era, and past years can be described as full of continuous change, development and innovation, that is why we are able to assess the customers' trust in our recommendations and solutions for today and tomorrow.

Our life

Our life is technology, so we want to share our skills and knowledge in the best possible way: by providing high-quality support for IT systems, development and daily work.


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